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Winter Robin Beanie - Free Crochet Pattern

This year the Robin was voted the UK's favourite bird. Here, seeing a Robin is associated with a lost loved one being near by. I've always thought of my Grampy; he used to talk to them as he farmed. Now my Mum collects all things Robin-y; it's nice to think he's checking up on us - making sure my Dad's got his runner beans in early enough each year! This beanie reminds me of Grampy - though he would never have worn it, he was strictly a flat-cap man!

The beanie is made up in Aran and I was able to find everything I needed from all those odds and ends in my stash (mine has a tiny bit of DK orange for the robin legs - but only because I didn't have any aran orange in my stash!)! It works up pretty quickly in a Centre Double Crochet (or waistcoat) stitch, and could almost be knitted!

The pattern is free in my Ravelry store, I can't wait to see your makes - please tag me @penniesfromdevon .…

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